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1. Who is Majestic Memorial Park named for?
Majestic Memorial Park in the hamlet of Gardiner is named for George Majestic, who served as town Supervisor from 1958 until his death in 1975. He played a major role in the acquisition of the property and construction of the initial improvements. The property was formerly part of a small dairy farm owned by the Thomas Murphy family, who purchased the farm from the Phillip Donahue family.

2. Who do I contact to reserve use of the picnic pavilion at Majestic Memorial Park?
The use of the picnic pavilion at Majestic Memorial Park can be reserved by any town resident for one day per year on a first come-first served basis. The reservation requires a formal written contract with the Town with a hold harmless provision which must be filed with the Town Clerk prior to the use. Applications are available from the Town Clerk.
In addition, a minimum donation of $75 is required for groups 25 and under, $100 for groups 26-50, and $150 for groups 51-100 and $250 for groups 101-150 persons to cover maintenance costs. Any donation in excess of the above is earmarked for capital improvements. Please contact the Town Clerk at 255-9675.

3. What are the rules for use of Majestic Park?
The park is a public commons. It is open daily from 8 a.m. until ½ -hour after sunset. Due to previous vandalism, the public restrooms may be closed except during scheduled events. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. No motor vehicles, including motorcycles or ATVs, are allowed inside the park area except for delivery and maintenance. No vehicles or horses are allowed on the ball field. No pets are allowed in the park. No swimming or wading is allowed in the ponds. No firearms, drugs or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park area. Please leave the area as clean as you found it and help us maintain the park.
4. Where is Majestic Memorial Park?
Majestic Memorial Park is a 26-acre town park named for former Town Supervisor George Majestic. It includes a softball field, picnic pavilion, fishing pond, handball court, hiking trail and toddler playground. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk. Use of the softball field during the months May-July is often reserved for local softball leagues. Use of the picnic pavilion may be reserved by town residents (see above).

The park is located in the hamlet of Gardiner. From town hall, take Main Street (Route US44-NY55) west approximately 500 feet passed the Gardiner Reformed Church to the Gardiner Animal Hospital, turn left (south) on Murphy Lane, go approximately 1,000 feet to the park gate, turn left into the parking lot.

From Minnewaska, Benton Corners, Ganahgote, take Route US44-NY55 east across the Wallkill River bridge toward the hamlet of Gardiner, go up a steep hill into the hamlet, at the top of the hill turn right (south) on Murphy Lane, go approximately 1,000 feet to the park gate, turn left into the parking lot.

5. In addition to Majestic Park, what other parklands does the town currently own?
In addition to 26-acre Majestic Park, the town has a number of other parklands namely: (a) one-acre river access on Old Ford Road, (b) 6-acre river access on Sandhill Road, (c) 14-acre wildlife area near Halcyon Road, (d) 5-acre stream corridor at Spellman Drive, (e) 8-acre wildlife/stream area at Ramah Lane and (f) a 1-acre wildlife area on Guilford Road. In addition to these dedicated park areas, the town also has (g) a ball field at Town Hall, (h) 20-acres undeveloped property at the Sewer Plant and (i) 87-acres undeveloped property adjacent to the town landfill site which may be used for future recreational facilities.
6. Where is the Shawangunk Recreational River corridor?
The Shawangunk Kill Recreational River was designated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in 1996 to protect the ecosystem of the Shawangunk Kill (river) in the towns of Gardiner and Shawangunk. Special land-use regulations affect properties in a corridor running southwesterly from the confluence with the Wallkill River at Ganahgote to the town of Shawangunk. The corridor varies in width from 400 feet to half a mile. Contact the regional DEC office for specific information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is only limited public access to this watercourse. NO PUBLIC LANDS OR FACILITIES are associated with the recreational river.

7. Where is Minnewaska State Park?
Minnewaska State Park Preserve, including Lake Minnewaska, Lake Awosting and Peters Kill Climbing Area, is located along the northwesterly boundary of the town of Gardiner in the Shawangunk (Shon-gum) Mountains. It covers an area of 9,000 acres of beautiful, rugged mountain landscape. This park has been recognized as one of the 75 great places in the Western Hemisphere with 50 miles of carriageways and many miles of footpaths. Minnewaska is also the only state park that offers rock climbing. It also offers walking, hiking, biking, swimming, scuba diving and cross-country skiing. The park is administered by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. Contact Minnewaska State Park (845) 255-0752.

To reach the Park via automobile: From the hamlet of Gardiner, take Route US44-NY55 west approximately 9 miles to the top of the second mountain ridgeline. The entrance to the Peters Kill Climbing Area is on your right. The Main Park Entrance to Lake Minnewaska is one (1) mile further west on your left. During summer months, a supplemental parking area for Lake Awosting is located 800 feet beyond the main entrance on your left. The entrance to Jenny Lane is 0.6 mile beyond the main entrance on your right.

8. Where is Mohonk Preserve?
The Mohonk Preserve is one of the state’s largest private nature preserves located along the northwesterly boundary of the town of Gardiner in the Shawangunk (Shon-gum) Mountains. It covers an area of 6,400 acres of beautiful, rugged mountain landscape traversed by carriageways and footpaths. It offers walking, hiking, biking, rock-climbing and cross-country skiing during the winter. Contact the Mohonk Preserve, Inc. (845) 255-0919.

From the hamlet of Gardiner, take Route US44-NY55 west approximately 5 miles to the intersection with Route NY299 near the foot of the Shawangunk cliffs, continue on US44-NY55 for approximately 0.5 mile to the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center Parking Area on your right or continue another 0.5 mile, under the steel overpass, to the Visitor Parking Area on your right.

9. Where is the Ulster County Pool?
The Ulster County Pool is located on Libertyville Road (Country Route #7) adjacent to the Ulster County Fairgrounds.

To reach the pool from the Town Hall, go west on Route US44-NY55 approximately 1.5 miles to flashing traffic light at Albany Post Road (County Route #9), turn right onto Albany Post Road, go north on Albany Post Road approximately 3.5 miles, through the intersection, continue north on Libertyville Road (County Route # 7 ) approximately 1 mile, the county pool is on your right.

10. Where is the Shawangunk Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge?
The Shawangunk Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge is located at the former Galeville US Army Training Area in the town of Shawangunk approximately 1 mile south of the town boundary. To reach the SGNWR from the Town Hall, go west on Route US44-NY55 approximately 1.5 miles to flashing traffic light at Albany Post Road (County Route #9), turn left onto Albany Post Road, go south on Albany Post Road approximately 4.5 miles, turn right onto Long Lane (County Route #18A), go west approximately 1.5 miles (passing entrance to adjacent Town of Shawangunk park entrance) to Hoagerburgh Road (County Route #18), turn left on County Route #18 and go south approximately 0.5 miles. The entrance will be on your left. Visit for more information.
11. Where is Locust Lawn and Terwilliger House Historic Site?
Locust Lawn and Terwilliger House Historic Site is located on Route NY32 approximately four (4) miles south of New Paltz, or approximately two (2) miles north of Modena
To reach the site from the hamlet of Gardiner, take Route US44-NY55 east 2.6 miles to a traffic light at Route NY32 (Modena), turn left, take Route NY32 north 2 miles to a flashing caution light and a sharp “S� turn. Locust Lawn Historic Site is on your right mid-way through the turn. The site is maintained by the Huguenot Historical Society. Tours by appointment.

12. Where is the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail?
The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail follows the route of the former Wallkill Valley Railroad. It runs from New Paltz south approximately 7 miles to the hamlet of Gardiner and continues another 3 miles to Denniston Road. Automobile parking for the rail trail is permitted at the municipal lot on Farmers Turnpike located directly behind 135 Main Street (Rita’s Pizzeria).



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