Town of Gardiner NY


the Gardiner Family Name

"THE FAMILY NAME OF GARDINER, in it's numerous variety of forms, can be traced back in English history to William the Conqueror, who in the year 1066, defeated the Saxon King, Harold, in the Battle of Hastings and subsequently introduced the Medieval European civilization to the British Isles. Both men, William Des Jardine and William the Conqueror, have been identified by historians as great Grandsons of William the Longsword...The family name of DES JARDINE (pronounced De-Shar-de-ne') apparently was not passed down from William the Longsword but resulted from the marriage of William Des Jardine's father to William the Longsword's granddaughter...

Since the family-name of GARDINER was first introduced into the British Isles as DES JARDINE, it remained unchanged in the areas of heavy Norman population for perhaps a century before it became De Jardine, then Jardine, Gardine, etc. In the areas more heavily populated by the Romans it became De Gardino, D'Gardino, etc. In the areas more heavily populated by the Britions, Danes and Saxons, it appeared in the Twelfth Century as De Jardin, Jardin, Gardin, etc...

Geographical location also played a major role in determining how family names were spelled. In Scotland, for example, GARDINER was known as Gardenkirk. In Wales it was spelled Gardynyr. Across the line in Gloustershire it was slightly altered to read Gardyner..." (ix-x, Gardiner: Generations and Relations, Thomas Richard Gardiner)

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