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Name Type Description
Comprehensive Plan Master Plan Adopted in Dec, 2004, this is the 2004 Comprehensive (Master) Plan update, with its provisions for protection of the Shawangunk Ridge and its immediate surroundings. CDs are available.
Open Space Plan
Open Space Adopted December, 2006, This plan serves as both an inventory of Gardiner’s open space resources and as a strategic plan of action for conservation.
Biodiversity Assessment Report Habitat Report This habitats assessment was undertaken to provide the town with information regarding ecological communities, fl ora and fauna in that portion of Gardiner east of Wallkill River.
Open Government NYS Law This links to information about Freedom of Information Law, Open Meetings Law, and Public Privacy Law.
Video Taping at Meetings NYS Law Administrative advisory opinions had concluded that a member of the public has the right to so tape-record (1980 Op. Atty. Gen. 145; Comm. on Open Gov't Op. Nos. 367 and 380 of 1979).
Town Board Meeting Rules Procedures Adopted in early 2004, these rules are guides to conducting Town Board meetings.
Current Zoning Zoning Adopted in 2008
Town of Gardiner Law

Aquifer Overlay District PROPOSED Law 

/Use_tables_AQO_2013 (5)(1).pdf

Final Solar Law Law /FINAL SOLAR LAW(1).docx
Heartwood Plans   click here
RTE 208 Project Site Plan click here
RTE 208 Project Booklet click here

Mass Gathering Law



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Current Laws and Resolutions of Importance or Under Consideration

Current Town of Gardiner Current Entertainment and Code of Ethics Law

Click here for Entertainment Law

Click here for Town of Gardiner's Code of Ethics 

Other Local Town Code of Ethics:  City of Kingston

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Name Type Status Description
Notification Law Local Law Adopted This law increases the notification- to- neighbor requirements for applications and public hearings.
Zoning Maps Maps/Graphics Adopted These are the primary graphics and maps that accompany the zoning revision summary.
Parents & Grandparents Local Law Adopted This law allows new construction or renovation to be exempt if the use is for a parent or grandparent.
Timber Harvesting Law Local Law Adopted Controls Timber Harvesting
Ethics Law Local Law Adopted Ethics in Gardiner Town  Government
Open Space Law Local Law Adopted Establishes Open Space Commission
Solar Law Draft Draft Solar Law Draft Draft Solar law

Transfer Station Fees & Operation

Resolution Adopted These are the operation and fee changes made effective June 1, 2015 TO COME
Collective Bargaining Agreement Union Contract Adopted Collective Bargaining Agreement January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2016 
Local Law "Local Law Increasing the Term of Office of the Superintendent of Highways from Two to Four Years click for law

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