Town of Gardiner NY


 Local Cemetaries

The church cemetery of St. Charles Borromeo R.C. Church (1882) is located at Ireland Corners. The church cemetery of the Shawangunk Reformed (Protestant) Church is located on Hoagerburgh Rd. in the town of Shawangunk. The New Paltz Rural Cemetery is located on Plains Rd. in the town of New Paltz. The Gardiner Reformed (Protestant) Church (1892) does not maintain a cemetery.

According to the History of the Town of Gardiner by Kenneth Hasbrouck, known family cemeteries, or burying grounds, located in or near the town of Gardiner include: (a) Alsdorf Ground, Route 208, New Hurley, (b) Constable, Flint & Lefevre Ground, Marabac Road, (c) Davis Ground near Route US44-NY55 and Trapps Road, (d) Deyo Ground, Ireland Corners, (e) DuBois Ground, Libertyville, (f) Fowler & Coddington Ground, near Route US44-NY55 and Trapps Road, (g) Enderly Ground, Trapps, (h) Fuller-Hunt Ground, Libertyville, (i) Hardenburgh Ground, Crispell Lane, (j) Hasbrouck Ground, Guilford, (k) LeFevre Ground, Kettleborough, (l) McKinstry Ground, McKinstry Rd., (m) Schoonmaker Ground, Benton Corners.

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