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Eric Savelson, Chairperson
Tanya Marquette

Janet Kern

John Sansalon

Roberta Clemens

Bruna Rondinelli

Rick Irizarry

Meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Report to (T) Gardiner ECC

EMC Meeting of 12/14/16


The Ulster Co. EMC met on 12/14/16. Here are the highlights:

1. Richard Phelps, of Montgomery, gave a presentation on bee keeping and management. This included discussion on colony die-off causes and treatment.

2. The report from the Dept. of the Environment (A. LaValle), included the following:

            a. Ulster Co. has received certification from NYSERDA as an  Clean Energy Community. This means that it (and the towns in the County) are eligible for grants of $50,000 (min.), in the regional competition. There is no up-front costs involved, and no requirement for a local share. I have a copy of the power-point presentation that was given. To become a Clean Energy Community, a municipality must implement any four items from a list of ten qualifying actions. These include: replacement of street lights with LEDs; developing a “green fleet” of vehicles (including electric or biodiesel use); setting up charging stations for electric vehicles;  becoming part of the solarize campaign; developing a unified solar permit for commercial installations; joining other neighboring communities to establish a community choice aggregate (i.e., buying energy as a bloc, and getting a discount), and so on.

            b. There  are DEC grants available for installing electric vehicle charging stations. The typical cost of a station is about $20,000. The grants require a 20% local share, which can be “service in kind” (e.g., having the highway department install underground cables). The grants will also cover the first two years of electricity purchases for the stations, after which the community can seek local sponsorship. For comparison, the County has been operating nine charging stations (approx.. 28% of its fleet consists of “green” vehicles), and the cost in electricity for all nine stations has been about $780 for the year ($0.60 per charging session).  The Chamber of Commerce is/will be  picking up that cost, seeing it as an incentive for drivers of electric vehicles to come and shop. Applications must be received by March. There is also a rebate of up to $5,000 for the purchase of electric vehicles.

3. in the Roundabout:

   Kingston has hired a consultant (John Nicolson) to prepare its NRI, and put it on “Google Earth” , so that it can be readily accessed by the public.

   Kingston is also looking to regulate wood burning stoves.

   Marlboro is working on a Solar Zoning code.

   Shawangunk is extending its rail-trail past the prison, and will connect to the one in Gardiner. It is also working to connect its park to the Wildlife Refuge, to allow greater access. The Refuge has proven to be very popular.



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