Frequently Asked Questions


1. When do I need a building permit?
A Building Permit is required for the following types of construction:
Any new building, including garages and sheds larger than 100 square feet; building additions, structural alteration of an existing building, decks, porches, fireplaces, installation of wood burning stoves, relocation of structures, swimming pools, hot tubs, replacement of windows, re-roofing (changing singles), changing a heat/cooling system that involves a change in fuel source (ie conversion from fuel oil to propane), installation of solar powered equipment, photovoltaic or Hot H2O or removal of underground fuel oil storage tanks. Some things that do not require a Building Permit include swimming pools if they hold less than 24" of water, storage shed less than 100 sq feet, paving an existing driveway or installing a lamp post.
If you are unsure about the need for a permit, please check with the Building Department before starting your project in order to avoid a violation notice.
Connection to the municipal sewer system in the Gardiner Sewer District requires a sewer connection permit. Installation of new electrical wiring may require an electrical inspection.
Click the link at the top of this page to download an application in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. 

 2. Where do I obtain a building permit? 
If you are unable to download and print the form above, you can obtain building permit applications, town driveway permit applications and related information from the Building Inspector's office at the Town Offices at 2340 Route 44/55 in Gardiner.

 3. When is the best time to contact the building inspector?
The town building inspector is a part-time town official. Most of his day is devoted to inspecting building construction. The best time to reach him is generally in the early morning (8:00-9:00 a.m) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Office appointments should be made beforehand whenever possible by calling 255-9675 ext. 107.
Please remember that the building inspector is not available afternoons or weekends. However, the Building Department secretary is available from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. daily to accept building permit applications and schedule appointments and inspections. The building department secretary is Jewell Turner at 255-9675 ext. 107.