Highway Department

Brian Stiscia
Superintendent of Highways

Useful Information

· You need a permit to build a driveway.
· The repair and maintenance of culvert pipes are the owner's responsibility.

Highways and Roads
Streets and roads in the Town of Gardiner are maintained by and subject to the regulations of NY State Department of Transportation, Ulster County Highway and Bridges Department and the Town of Gardiner. County Roads are designated with Yellow Lettering on Blue county route signs. State Roads are designated with Black Numbers on White state route signs.

Only roads designated as town roads can by law be maintained by the Town of Gardiner Superintendent of Highways. To report a problem or for more information regarding town roads, contact the Gardiner Highway Department at 845-255-1381. The Highway Department is located at 630 South Mountain Road in Gardiner. The fax number is (845) 255-1411.

Driveway Permits
Inquiries, complaints or permit applications for driveways curb cuts, etc for these roads need to be sent directly to the proper agency. In Gardiner, applications for driveway permits are made to the Building Department located in the Town Offices, (845)255-9675 x107. Inspections are perfomed by the Superintendant of Highways. To avoid delays, the marked driveways must be staked with highly-visible markers well above brush and snow lines prior to any inspection.

Road signs help save lives. Please notify the Highway Department at at 845-255-1381 immediately if you know of any Stop sign, Speed Limit sign or other street sign that is missing or damaged.

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