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Codes, Laws, Etc.

Comprehensive Plan
Type: Master Plan
Adopted in Dec, 2004, this is the 2004 Comprehensive (Master) Plan update, with its provisions for protection of the Shawangunk Ridge and its immediate surroundings. CDs are available.

Open Space Plan
Type: Open Space
Adopted December, 2006, This plan serves as both an inventory of Gardiner’s open space resources and as a strategic plan of action for conservation.

Gardiner Town Code
Type: TOG Law

Moratorium Law

Proposed Law to Extend the Moratorium

Definitions Worksheet

Short Term Rental Proposed Law

Aquifer Overlay District PROPOSED Law 
/Use_tables_AQO_2013 (5)(1).pdf

Heartwood Plans
Type: Lodging Plans

RTE 208 Project
Type: Site Plans

Code of Ethics
Type: TOG Law


Parents & Grandparents
Local Law Adopted
This law allows new construction or renovation to be exempt if the use is for a parent or grandparent.

Open Space Law

Zoning Audit Definitions To Date (March 2019)

Town of Gardiner Zoning Map (June 2019)

Collective Bargaining Agreement