Planning Board & Zoning Board of Appeals

Planning and zoning issues in the town of Gardiner are the responsibility of two different appointed boards, namely the town Planning Board and the town Zoning Board of Appeals. The Planning Board is advised by a professional planning consultant, but the town does not employ a town planner or planning department. The town Building Inspector serves as the Code Enforcement Officer and often advises applicants concerning the effect of various provisions of the town Zoning Local Law.

Planning Board Members

Paul Colucci

Vice Chairman
Keith Libolt

Planning Board Members
Josh Verleun
Carol Richman
Ray Sokolov
Ralph Varano
Rebecca Fullam
Marc Moran, Alternate

Planning Board Clerk
Mariela Roman- Clerk is available in the office Tues/Wed afternoons.

Zoning Board Members

David Gandin

Vice Chairman
Joe Katz

Zoning Board Members
Michael MacElhiney
David Sterman
Ralph Erenzo
Jodie Lawhorne, Alternate

ZBA Clerk
Mariela Roman

Clerk is available in the office Tues/Wed afternoons.