Town Clerk FAQS

1. How do I apply for a state handicap parking permit?
Town residents can obtain an application for a handicap parking permit at the Town Clerk's Office. Vehicles displaying a valid handicap parking permit are allowed to use specially-designated parking places in public and private parking areas anywhere in New York state. Eligibility requirements include a doctor's certificate.

2. Where can I obtain a New York State hunting or fishing license?
The Town Clerk is authorized to issue New York State hunting and fishing licenses through a cooperative agreement with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Licenses can be issued during regular weekday office hours.

3. What is the official newspaper of the Town of Gardiner?
The official newspaper, designated annually, is currently the Times Herald Record. This designation is strictly for purposes of publishing legal notice advertisements. Legal notices are also posted on the signboard at the Town Clerk's office.

4. Who is the local registrar of vital statistics (birth, death, marriage)?
The Town Clerk serves as the registrar of vital statistics on behalf of the state Department of Health. The clerk records all births and deaths that occur within the town boundaries and issues marriage licenses valid anywhere in the state. The Town Clerk also maintains copies of birth certificates, death certificates and marriage licenses dating back to 1881.

Important note: The Town Clerk does not have a record (certificate) of birth or death for a town resident who was born or died outside the boundaries of the town in another jurisdiction. Example: A child of a local family who was born at a hospital in Poughkeepsie has a birth certificate filed in the City of Poughkeepsie, not in the town of Gardiner.

5. How do I request a genealogy search? 
The Town Clerk will search town records for genealogy purposes if you submit some basic information on the state Genealogy Search Request Form. You can download a copy of this form by clicking here. Although this form contains instructions for sending it to the State Vital Records department. you can also use it to submit information to the Town Clerk.
There may be a nominal charge to cover time and expenses for this search. Please keep in mind that this search will be limited to town records only. Also keep in mind that the town of Gardiner Town Clerk's office serves many other town functions with a limited staff and limited hours. Do not visit the town offices expecting immediate service for a genealogy search.

6. When are the municipal property tax bills mailed?
Bills for county/town real property taxes are mailed during the first week of January. Property taxes can be paid in-person at Town Offices, Monday-Friday during regular office hours; by US Postal Service (Tax Collector, P.O. Box 1, Gardiner, NY 12525) or by other delivery service (Tax Collector, Town Offices, 2340 Rt 44/55, Gardiner, NY 12525). All payments must be accompanied by a copy of the tax bill. Do not mail cash payments. Checks accepted subject to collection and returned check charges. Make checks payable to Tax Collector, Town of Gardiner.
You have the option of paying one full payment or two half payments. If paid by January 31, there is no interest penalty. After January 31, penalties are added to total tax due. No tax payments will be accepted by the town Tax Collector after May 31, when the tax rolls are forwarded to the Ulster County Treasurer.
School districts are responsible for mailing school district property tax bills during the month of September.

7. Can I pre-pay my yearly municipal real property taxes in December?
No. The town tax collector is not authorized to accept any property tax payments without a copy of the property tax bill (mailed in January). The tax collector has no way of predicting your yearly property tax bill.