Town Government

Town Supervisor
Marybeth Majestic
845.255.9675 x101

Dog Control Officer
Andrew Mckee

Town Clerk
Michelle Mosher
845.255.9675 x100

Building Department & Code Enforcement
Andy Lewis
845.255.9675 x111

Highway & Roads
Brian Stiscia

Municipal Bookkeeper
Darlene Halstead
845.255.9675 x102

Transfer Station Operator
Dan Scharf

Town Court
Christine Palumbo
845.255.9675 x106


Maureen Gallagher
845.255.9675 x105

Assessor’s Clerk
Nancy DeStefano
845.255.9675 x104


Town Board

Marybeth Majestic
845.255.9675 x101

Deputy Supervisor
Laura Faye Walls
845.255.9675 x100

Board Member
David Dukler
845.255.9675 x100

Board Member
Franco Carucci
845.255.9675 x100

Board Member
Warren Weigand
845.255.9675 x100


Planning Board & Zoning Board of Appeals

Planning and zoning issues in the town of Gardiner are the responsibility of two different appointed boards: the Town Planning Board and the Town Zoning Board of Appeals. The Planning Board is advised by a professional planning consultant, but the town does not employ a town planner or planning department. The Town Building Inspector serves as the Code Enforcement Officer and often advises applicants concerning the effect of various provisions of the town Zoning Local Law.


Planning Board

Paul Colucci

Vice Chairman
Keith Libolt

Planning Board Members
Josh Verleun
Carol Richman
Ray Sokolov
Marc Moran
Ralph Varano
Becky Fullam, Alternate
Mariela Roman, Clerk

Zoning Board

David Gandin

Vice Chairman
Joe Katz

Zoning Board Members
Michael MacElhiney
David Sterman
Rich Cerruto
Jodie Lawhorne, Alternate
Mariela Roman, Clerk


Parks and Recreation

The Parks & Recreation Commission is an all-volunteer commission. Hours vary but messages are checked on a regular basis.

Environmental Conservation Commission

The E.C.C. is an all-volunteer commission dedicated to discussing and implementing ways to protect the natural resources of the town.

Michael Albright

Board Members
Andy Lewis 
Michele Tomasicchio 
Joshua Platt
Roger Ennis Jr.
Brian Hauser
Ralph Varano


Roberta Clements

Commission Members
Janet Kern
William Trifilo

Open Space Commission

The O.S.C.’s role is to advise and assist the Town Board in protecting undeveloped land and other natural and cultural resources as defined in the Open Space Plan. Open Space Meetings are held at the Town Hall at 6:30 on the first Monday of the month, all are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Jean-Ann McGrane

Laura Wong-Pan
Becca Benner
Laura Rose 
Kay Hoiby
Kelly George, Alternate
Linda Geary, Alternate

Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics is responsible to review and recommend objectives, policies and procedures that best serve the town’s interests in maintaining an environment committed to high standards of ethics, integrity, and legal compliance.

Jon Simonson

Gale Foster

Michael Hartner

Johanna Hecht

Liz Glover-Wilson


Climate Smart Gardiner Members

Jason Mayer

Franco Carucci
Rebecca Carucci 
David Dukler (Liaison to Gardiner Town Board) 
Rick Irizarry (Liaison to Gardiner ECC)
Kim Mayer
Suger Rowinski 
Holly Shader 
Aimee Spring-Cecil 
Mark Varian  
Stephen Weir